Year's supply of Lithium products

GRAND PRIZE: A Year's Worth of Lithium Detailing Products

Exterior detailing Products package


Lithium Exterior Detailing Package

Interior detailing package


Lithium Interior Detailing Package


Lithium is a company with over 20 years of experience when it comes to making products that transform automobile surfaces. They focus on combining ingredients that actually make the surfaces they are used on healthy again. They do not simply mash molecules into plastic bottles. All our products are made in small "micro-batches"  which ensures every bottle is absolute perfection and produces the same results.

Lithium formulates and produces detailing products one "Beautifully Inefficient Batch at a Time" The ingredients in each bottle will make automotive surfaces healthy again. The goal is to condition, protect and restore what the elements and time have taken away.

Every Lithium product has an "UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE"  If they are not the best products you have ever used, period, Lithium will gladly refund your money, with no questions, no whining, no kidding.